Movie Publicity

Crisher Entertainment movie publicity campaigns include outreach to the general public, a more targeted defined group, distributors and possible investors.

Movie Publicity by Crisher Entertainment includes designing and implementing an effective, cohesive advertising campaign across several different media platforms, including theatrical movie trailers, newspapers, magazines, television, radio, the internet and billboards.

When you think of movie PR the obvious is the fast and sudden blitz. Budget is always a factor but our movie publicity team knows how to create what is known as a “publicity blitz” a few weeks before a movie is released in order to convince the public that your upcoming flick can’t be missed.

Movie Publicity Poster

We do this by putting ads on transports, buses and billboards and in newspapers and magazines. We usually run trailers on TV and make sure the film’s stars get spots on all the popular talk shows. In addition, targeted online advertising allows us to develop interactive ads that will pull in the film’s intended audience. Crisher Entertainment also uses the net to send out videos, teasers, bloopers and clips.

With the greater part of all movie publicity occurring inside a time of a couple of weeks prior to the release it’s almost a guarantee that everyone will know that your movie is being released.

In public relations there is no “sure thing” about how your movie or the news surrounding it will be interpreted by the media and presented to the public. Although this may seem uncomforting, public relations does have two practical advantages over advertising.

– It’s cost effective (Marketing budgets tend to equal about half the production budget.)
– It often has more credibility since an outside, “objective” source has deemed your activity to be newsworthy.

Call us today at 323-839-1289 and discuss your movie publicity needs. We can work and create results with most budgets.

Event Publicity

  • Conduct extensive media outreach.
  • Identify and pursue the appropriate press and publications worldwide.
  • Use our relationships with journalists and bloggers of film media contacts.
  • PR messages and pitches for reporters and bloggers.
  • Create and implement a strategic PR campaign from start to finish.
  • Press Kit creation and distribution.
  • Monitor and report on all media coverage.