Event Publicity

Crisher Entertainment manages event publicity production including movie premieres and screenings, movie wrap parties and private feedback screenings.

Crisher Entertainment puts our heart and soul into every event publicity and production project we work.

Event PR
Knowing that no two projects are alike and each deserves its own plan: carefully thought-out and thoroughly executed. Crisher Entertainment offers its clients the expertise and services of a steadily growing number of passionate professionals and the opportunities presented by a complementary network of clients, industry professionals, and media contacts.

Events and Geofencing = Success!

Geofencing Simply put, a geofence is a discreet area or barrier between sections of an event, exhibitors or session rooms, defined by GPS coordinates, wi-fi routers or a Bluetooth signal, that is designed to facilitate the collection of consumer data.

1. To Do List and Reminder Apps:
By incorporating geofencing on To-Do-List and Reminder applications, these apps can match up errands that users are running with the venues they are near, reminding them to create a list based on where they are or reminding them to buy certain products based on nearby venues.

2. Payment Apps:
Payment apps can use geofencing to maximize the use of their products. Square is a mobile payment app that uses geofencing to easily detect nearby businesses that accept payments through the app and reminds users to pay with Square at these stores.

3. Coupon Apps:
Coupon apps can use geofencing to notify users when there are relevant deals and coupons based on the stores they are near. Cardstar, a Skyhook customer, enables shoppers to store all of their loyalty cards and key tags on their mobile devices.

4. Brand Apps:
Brand apps can use geofencing to send out reminders, relevant coupons, and items users might like based on their last purchase in the store. Every time a user walks into the store, their brand app will optimize their shopping experience. The Walgreens app has adopted Apple’s Passbook feature which uses geofencing to remind users to refill or pick up their prescriptions when they enter a Walgreens store.

5. Safety Apps:
iHound is an app that helps you protect family members and the mobile devices they use. The app uses geofencing technology to help loved ones communicate where they are and when they get somewhere with the touch of a button.

Event Publicity

  • movie screenings
  • movie wrap parties
  • private feedback screenings
  • TV/movie DVD and trailer release events
  • film festival events
  • film networking events
  • charity events
  • launch events for new companies/labels/brands