Digital Record Promotion

Based in Hollywood CA, CE offers services designed for independents such as Digital Record Promotion, Promo Services, Media Mastering and Website Design.

Crisher Entertainment is fortunate to be located in the middle of the entertainment capital of the world and we work 24/7 to promote our clients in the American and international markets.

Digital Record Promotion that will get it into their hands digitally. . . take advantage of the world-wide-web and the emerging digital marketplace to promote and sell your work. Call (323)839-1289 today!
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Digital Distribution Campaign – 6 months – $250 / 1 year – $400

Crisher Entertainment will distribute your music to a host of streaming or pay-per-download sites including satellite internet radio stations.

Artist Websites Package A $1000 – Custom layout w/one year hosting on personal domain Includes: custom layout, personal domain, 10 track audio player, 5 music videos, 12 picture gallery, biography, news updates and artist links

Package B $500 – Custom layout w/one year of hosting on Includes: custom layout, 8 track audio player, 3 music videos, 12 picture gallery, biography and artist links

Package C $250 – Crisher Entertainment template w/one year of hosting on free with Album Deal or Music Video Includes: 4 track audio player, 1 music video, 8 picture gallery, Biography and artist links

After we agree to work together and payment has been made, we walk you through the steps necessary to allow us to create your perfect viral campaign.

Each Campaign has 4 phases: Planning | Creative | Distribution | Tracking

We place your new music on the biggest blogs worldwide!

Did you ever want to have front page real estate on the source or All hip hop & other high traffic blogsWe can place your new music on some of the biggest blogs worldwide that get massive attention and traffic. If you were to pay the companies themselves they charge thousands to get placements but we have deals in place with our partners allowing for amazing deals for indie & major artists to land their new projects on over 20 blogs. This grows your brand and puts your music on a pedestal like the majors.

Our Blog Placement services are guaranteed front page placement!

These blogs equal millions of hits per month with all potential eyes seeing your new music/video. Your new music will land first page placement on the following blogs.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

Every Viral Campaign includes

  • 1-hour of Coaching/Consulting/Planning.
  • Creation of Video.
  • Creation of Articles/Media.
  • Creation of Backend Traffic Conversion Development (optional).
  • Offline Advertising (Optional).
  • Distribution and Promotion of Creatives.
  • Monitor and report on all media coverage.