Advertising and Marketing

Crisher Entertainment will help you choose the right Advertising and Marketing solution and walk you through every step of the process.

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We’ll work with you to build and traffic the best performing ad possible. Our team will traffic your ad or we can send tags to you.

CE specializes in creating, optimizing, managing, and monetizing marketing campaigns and we will ensure that your ad goes live smoothly and your reporting is accurate. After receiving all assets for the new campaign, we will build your engaging ad experience, usually in as little as a week – start to finish.

At the end, you receive a full campaign summary detailing the performance results in addition to real-time data is always available. Internet Advertising is one of the most accountable ways to advertise.

It allows marketers to track and gain in depth performance knowledge of their advertising and marketing campaigns. This data allows one to see how much revenue they generate for every advertising dollar they spent.

Crisher Entertainment knows the secrets for the most profitable ways of advertising. We will find customers who previously were not aware of your current product or customers who in the past have bought from your competitors.

Images on your social media profiles get more engagement than boring links and text. Videos on your website have a 80% higher chance of being shared than anything other type of content. In 2015, visuals on any article or website is smart business and content that’s social-media-ready.

Crisher Entertainment will use some if not all of the following: slides, video, audio, photo blog and map in an effort to provide social media integration to help boost engagement and drive conversions. Email or Call Us Today for a Quote! 323-839-1289.