Public Relations

CE will establish, expand and maintain your image and reputation with solid PR disciplines like Buzz, Positioning, Placements, Social Media and Celebrity.

When developing your PR (public relations) plan, CE assures optimal exposure and recognition with its services: Brand Development, Marketing, Advertising, Product Placement, Media Relations, Press Kit Design, Product Launches, Television, Management, Consultation, Music, Young Hollywood Talent, Red Carpet / Special Events plus much, much more.


We operate on every level of Public Relations in the Los Angeles entertainment community. . . with the studios and film production companies, with stage shows and charity organizations, and with individual celebrities.


Our clients include recording artist, actors, make-up artists, couture designers, and some of the largest modeling and acting agencies in the world.


Social MediaCrisher Entertainment implements the most current and freshest social networking applications, propelling our clients’ and their clients’ public relations message to the forefront of their market demographics. Specializing in social media marketing, CE understands and maps the latest networking avenues before they become giants of their realm. In the world of Facebook, CE creates Ad campaigns, Fan Pages, and Event promotions distinctly crafted to each client’s needs. Google Adwords marketing is utilized through the creation of precise keyword targeted online campaigns. From YouTube to Twitter, to MySpace to E-mail Databases and Text Messaging, to Grassroots marketing and much, much more, CE covers the planet in public relations.

The PR services that we employ on your behalf include but are not limited to:

Social Media Marketing
Press Kit Design
Product Launches
Media Round Tables
Brand Development
Artist Development
Business Development
Graphic Art
Music Supervision
News Media Worldwide
Product Placement in TV and Film
Special Events/Red Carpet Events
Crisis Management