The TranceFuzion Project

The TranceFuzion by Jeremy Howard aka DJ MyT delivers every drop of extremely trancey great tracks of varying types thanks to MYT’s amazing musical ability.

Jeremy Howard is an offspring from a deep well of DJs. Influenced by his passion and respect for the musical arts, MyT has developed his own unique style of music creation. His in depth knowledge of music stems from the study of piano, keyboard, clarinet, saxophone and various percussion that began from the age of 6. DJ MyT began DJing at local clubs while writing and producing break beats. MyT’s track Say What (2001) was his first huge dance record opening the door for Jeremy to headline venues including some of the largest electronic music festival in North America. Jeremy is currently an instructor for The Los Angeles Recording School in Hollywood California.

Jeremy Howard is credited with Sticky, Sticky (Dj MyT Remix), Sticky (Parajack & Parajoe vs. Jeremy Howard ElectroFuzz), Sticky (Wrapped Wipped Mix), Sticky (Chris Galmon vs. Dj MyT Electro Ball & Chain) and the Sticky (Flies on Shit Hit) on Sticky Remixes.

This long awaited Nonstop Trance album features Dj MyT at his mixing magical best. The TranceFuzion delivers every drop of extremely trancey…great tracks of varying types thanks to MYT’s amazing musical ability.
Album:The Trancefuzion
Artist:Dj MyT
Released: October 04, 2012
Genres:Dance, Music, Trance
Label: Crisher Entertainment
Publisher:Clint Crisher Music (ASCAP)