Perfect World (1999)

Perfect World is the title track of the dance electronic album Perfect World written and performed by Clint Crisher and produced by Willie Ray Lewis.

Perfect World is the title track and the name of Clint’s debut dance album released in 1999 and produced by Willie Ray Lewis. CLINT CRISHER has a style of dance-trance rock-a-palooza dealing out hit after hit with impressionable well-crafted lyrics wrapped around crisply textured vocals that reflect his soulful nature.

After moving to DC, Clint met Willie R Lewis and started recording house music. Their union formed a sound with an energetic beat that everyone loved to dance to. For the next several years Clint headlined at venues from New York City to Miami Beach. In June 1999, Clint released his debut album, Perfect World with a 45 minute concert at CLUB LIFE in New York City. The single, Perfect World reached #7 on the TOP 100 MP3s in the UK.

Perfect World

©© – ASCAP
Clint Crisher Music (615341888820)
Record Label: Crisher Entertainment

1. Intro: The Sun, Moon & Stars 4:22
2. Perfect World 6:52
3. Clint’s Read 5:47
4. Survival 5:27
5. Destiny 4:42
6. One More Try 5:52
7. Eight 8:24
8. Big Boy 7:58
9. I Believe It 5:53
10. Music Is the Reason 6:05
11. Survival (Willie’s Velvet Mix) 10:37Artist:Clint Crisher
Label: Crisher Entertainment
Publisher:Clint Crisher Music (ASCAP)