Mulberry Love

Mulberry Love is a delicious and healthy organic drink rich with antioxidants and natural ingredients. Visit us to know more about our products.

Introducing Mulberry Love, a revolutionary superfruit drink. Rich in antioxidants and natural ingredients shown to help boost immunity, ignite brain power, and hydrate your body; this refreshing blend of mulberry juice and coconut water tastes delicious too.

Mulberries have been revered throughout history for their nutritional and medicinal purposes. Mulberry trees are known for their roots that reach far into the earth, past the depleted layer of soil where nutrients are scarce, deep into the strata where they are plentiful.

In my world, “impossible does not exist. The integrity of this brand is very important to me, and that includes everyone and everything involved in bringing Mulberry Love to you. Excellent working conditions for the farmers, fair trade, and sustainability are our guiding principles. We strive to make our fruit organic, non-GMO, completely vegan, and eco-friendly.

The mulberries in Mulberry Love come from Turkey, a breathtaking land full of mystery, intrigue and wonderful warm people. A place that connects the East with the West. The rich black mulberries that make up our unique blend come from the beautiful province of Izmir. This province is characterized by its Mediterranean climate, steep valleys, alluvial plains, and majestic rolling hills. In this agricultural region of Turkey, I have inspected and tasted these mulberries to insure that they were picked at their peak, and that they are in their most nutritious and delicious state.

Our purpose at Mulberry Love is to promote a healthy lifestyle by making healthy products for a “better you”. We are committed to building a brand that contributes wellness and vibrant health to all. Nature has provided a wealth of goodness in the mulberry, all we’ve added is the LOVE.

In love, light, and good health,

Dianne Burnett, Founder and CEO

Client: Mulberry Love
Date: December 10, 2012
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