Monogamy (1994)

Originally released in 1994 and then remastered in 2008 , Monogamy by Painted Sun is rooted in blues-based rock, some pop, heavy metal, R&B, and punk rock.
The band formed in Fernandina Beach, Florida in 1993 with drummer Robert Jewell, bassist Robert Campbell, guitarist Dave Medure and lead by Clint Crisher on vocals . In late 1993, the band began developing a following in Jacksonville at local popular pubs and bars.

In early 1994, at Stiff Eagle Studios the band recorded 9 tracks and titled the project Mastercopy. By the end of the 1994, they were playing among the most popular alternative rock bands in Florida and developed a loyal following of fans, often referred to as the “Suns”. However, life and personal conflicts took a toll on the band, resulting in the band breaking up. In 1995, Clint Crisher moved to Washington, DC and began a solo career and by 1999 he had gained the great level of popularity which continues today. Clint has mentioned several times his goal was to see their comeback with a followup to Monogomy which would have them back on tour and recording music with the same members or new ones.

Clint Crisher Music (634479801853)
ASIN: B001973AKK
Record Label: Crisher Entertainment

1. Endless Sleep 3:03
2. Trainer Wheels 4:42
3. Slow Dancing By Myself 5:58
4. Perfect World 3:47
5. Eight 4:12
6. Big Boy 3:34
7. Monogamy 3:10
8. Mystic Mermaid 4:50
9. Wet 3:41Artist:Painted Sun
Genres:Alternative Rock
Label:Crisher Entertainment
Publisher:Clint Crisher Music (ASCAP)