Kenny Miruski

Kenny Miruski has been described as a “v-8 engine on a dance floor”. Miruski’s career began in Washington DC working club gigs before becoming a circuit Dj.

Kenny Miruski has been described as a “v-8 engine on a dance floor”. He started playing piano, trumpet, and percussions at age 7.
Kenny is a 2004 graduate of American University, with a degree in Music. Kenny is a home native from Los Angeles, and is now home to Washington DC and began his music career working nightclub and bar gigs during the age of vinyl, and eventually a circuit Dj.
Kenny became the Director of A and R, for Crisher Entertainment an indie label in Los Angeles, CA in 2008. Kenny is an Executive Record Producer and he also reports weekly hot dance play music charts. He has co-produced music albums with Billboard Artist Clint Crisher, FIO, Darrell Russ, KYNT, Peter Tanico, Kenny Miruski is on each SATURDAY NIGHT at 9PM EST | 6PM, on over 300 Night Out RADIO ON THE DANCE CHANNELS, around the world. To find your local NIGHT OUT RADIO STATION.

Kenny is also featured on The Hot Boys TraXXX and Global Dance Music. Kenny is also available on iTunes, with free podcasts of previously recorded live shows. For 2015, Kenny has a limited scheduled US tour.

Kenny Miruski
House / Acid Jazz / Experimental
Location: Washington, DC
Link: Visit Website