Hot2Go is one of the hottest current Australian tickets out there, and for good reason. Their hot rhythm and polished arrangements have put them on the map.

Hot2Go is one of the hottest current Australian tickets out there, and for good reason. Their thorough understanding of dance rhythms, polished arrangements, and entendre-laced lyrics makes them instantly more visible in the mass of faceless club and inspirational trance anthems. They also have a knack for releasing unashamedly gay-oriented music with class and verve that assures a dirty time on the dance floor.

‘Australian Kiss’ by Hot2Go features a great slide blues loop, and terminally oversexed lyrics. With its breathy falsetto/orgasmic tenor vocals and brilliant “because you kiss down under” double-entendre, file this song under next generation Prince.

Australia’s Hot 2 Go specialize in club-worthy disco and dance music that assures as good (if not dirty) time on the floor. The music is unashamedly sexual in content and feel, guaranteed to shake up the tight-assed dancers of the world by a furlong. “Flog” is the best dance track about masturbation since “I Touch Myself” by the Divinyls, also Australian. Coincidence? Probably not.

Hot2Go is gay techno with a wonderful 80’s diversity of sound and instrumentation. Glimpses of Soft Cell, Dead or Alive, and the mythical Erasure are all over this. As proudly gay as Frankie Goes to Hollywood, and just as bumpable! This is a near classic dance track. “Backseat” is a great dance song about. . . . well you can work that out for yourself! Jettisoning innovation and today’s millions of sub-subgenres for good old move-your-ass dance moves, the track is one hot number. Look for these tracks at a disco, gay or non, near you. Hot2Go
Electronica / Pop / Club
Location: Greenslopes, QLD, AU
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