The Hot Boys World Volume 3 (2008)

The Hot Boys World Volume 3 sound is familiar yet totally fresh. Clint Crisher with mArte and GlitzGlam both complimenting the album with their unique tracks and fitting style.

Starting off with the irresistibly catchy “The Hot Boys World,” the record blows through a head-spinning array of styles and samples, creating a pop-culture stew of funky loops and dance-floor anthems. Artist include Clint Crisher, mArte and GlitzGlam.

The Hot Boys World Volume 3 (2008)
Clint Crisher Music (634479928857)
Record Label: Crisher Entertainment

1. The Hot Boys World 3:56
2. Foreplay 3:20
3. Suck Me (Hersh Remix) 4:42
4. Let Me Watch 4:16
5. Stroke It 3:10
6. Lick It Pull It Love It Suck it (Hersh DnB Mix) 4:23
7. In and Out Motel 3:37
8. Cold Blooded 4:26
9. Hot Boy Party 4:23
10. I Am Your Toy 3:24
11. Plasthick 4:08
12. Mankind 4:57Artist:Various Artists
Label: Crisher Entertainment
Publisher:Clint Crisher Music (ASCAP)