The Hot Boys World, Vol. 5 (2014)

The Hot Boys World, Vol. 5 is full of hot lyrics and some energetic electro organic super pop dance by Clint Crisher, mArte and the australian duo Glovebox!

These music compositions have elements of alluring beats and feature charismatic and suggestive vocals. Theres a strong sensual content to the lyrics which makes this album an enticing blend of sultry melodies wrapped around vibrant sounds. Artist include Clint Crisher, mArte and Glovebox.

With many of his remixes and music videos in heavy rotation, Clint Crisher and his catalog of over 100 songs, provides popular material for the likes of XM Satellite Radio, ABC Radio Networks and nightclubs across the country. Clint is a prolific recording artist with 8 plus albums released, most notably, ‘Perfect World’ and ‘Terrific Distraction’.

The Hot Boys World, Vol. 5 (2014)
Clint Crisher Music (633841757842)
Record Label: Crisher Entertainment

1. Give It Up – Peter Tanico Electro Mix 6:08
2. Destiny – Peter Tanico Moonrise Remix 5:24
3. Hot Boy Party – Midnight PT Dub Mix 4:56
4. Tinker Bell Spell – Peter Tanico Remix 5:07
5. Hot Tub Lovin – Peter Tanico Dubbin 4:51
6. Magnet In My Pants 3:47
7. I Want You 3:00
8. Bang Bang – Fabian Gray Electro Mix 4:37
9. Whatever Turns You On – Vagabond Project 6:57
10. Fucking Awesome 4:04
11. Hypnotize Me 3:24Artist:Various Artists
Genres:Dance, Music, Trance
Label: Crisher Entertainment
Publisher:Clint Crisher Music (ASCAP)