Dj MyT

Dj MyT an offspring from a deep well of DJs. Influenced by his passion and respect for the musical arts, Dj MyT has developed his own unique style of music.

Dj MyT, is an offspring from a deep well of DJs. Influenced by his passion and respect for the musical arts, MyT has developed his own unique style of music creation. His in depth knowledge of music stems from the study of piano, keyboard, clarinet, saxophone and various percussion that began from the age of 6. As the Breakbeat scene exploded in Central Florida MyT began his career with Wyde Open Records, Inc. in Lakeland Florida as a producer with a Hip-Hop and RandB label. As time went on the label quickly learned of his passion for writing Breakbeats and pushed him to develop his own style to market through their label. Wyde Open Records soon dissolved leaving MyT to go his own direction in which he began DJing at local clubs while writing and producing Breakbeats.

MyT’s track “Say What was first introduced into population by 93. 3 FLZ in Tampa Florida in 2001 a major radio station CHR / Dance format. This opening the door for Jeremy to show his talent spinning records at Venues across Central Florida and world famous South Beach Miami. In 2003 MyT spawned his first of many tracks showing his personal style of Breakbeat with a compilation of sounds to form the hit “Fallen Rain. In 2003 MyT ventured to South Beach Miami to expand his knowledge of digital music and join the Ultra Music Festival team (the largest electronic music festival in North America), and also to add to his musical diversity and expand his resume while spinning records with DJs from all over the world. Returning from South Beach Miami in 2004, MyT assumed the position as General Manager with Wifl WOW 104. 3 fm in Citrus County Florida where he had his own Breakbeat show in the evenings on Friday and Saturday as Club 104. Also during the regular CHR format during the day and the CHR Urban- Dance format after 7:00 pm you could here other tracks written and performed on a regular rotation.

Jeremy is currently an Instructor for The Los Angeles Recording School in Hollywood California. DJ MyT
Trance / Progressive / Experimental
Location: West Hollywood, CA
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