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Accustom yourself to the unpredictable. Expect the unusual. Enter a zone where the concept “That’s impossible! doesn’t exist. Welcome to the world of visionary Dianne Burnett, whose myriad of activities can be summed up in two terms: “original and “cutting edge. On DianneBurnett.com you can follow the latest accomplishments and up-and-coming projects of the Malibu-based author, entrepreneur, philanthropist and producerfrom her books and future TV shows to foundation and social media networks.

BOOKS:Dianne’s laugh-filled and inspiring memoir;The Road to Reality “which hits the bookstores in September 2012” vividly traces her colorful path from child “singer/dancer in Long Island talent shows to her role in helping then-husband Mark Burnett launch “Survivor and the wildly popular reality TV show that she named only to find herself ultimately “voted off the island. In the works: The Road to Renewal, her adventures with the uncannily accurate, insightful and amusing medical medium Anthony William.

SOCIAL NETWORKING:With blogs, articles and videos by crossover psychics, holistic healers and nutritionists, Dianne’s new social media platform, TheOtherSide.com, explores the “other side of everything from health and love to life and death. Informative and entertaining, the platform serves as a catalyst for those seeking to improve the quality of their lives and to find provocative answers to vexing questions such as “What makes us sick? “How can we cure ourselves naturally? and “Where do we go when we die?

PHILANTHROPY:With a board of the world’s top-notch health professionals, including Harvard medical researchers and practitioners of integrative medicine, Dianne’s nonprofit organization, Joan Valentine “A Foundation for Natural Cures Inc., is dedicated to finding the most effective treatments for cancer and ways to prevent it from striking. The foundation is actively seeking promising cures as well as raising funds for research.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP:Dianne is launching Mulberry Love, a beverage that boosts energy and enhances health while steering clear of the artificial ingredients so often found in “nutritional drinks. Mulberry Love will be on the market in late 2012.

PRODUCTION:Exciting TV projects are in the works. Stay tuned for details.

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