Crisher Entertainment is a small team of industry experts in website design, event planning, marketing, and social media strategies.

Our office is in Los Angeles, but we work with a variety of industries for clients all over the world in events, web-design, branding and online marketing. The CE team provides professional digital marketing solutions to companies and clients in Southern California to help business owners grow their presence online through strategy, design & development, SEO, and social media. Get in touch with us at 323-839-1289 for a FREE consultation today.

Crisher Entertainment (CE) is a music company composed of two core businesses: recorded music and music publishing. The company discovers, develops, markets and distributes recorded music through a network of subsidiaries; it owns and acquires rights to musical compositions and licenses them for use in recordings and related uses, such as films and advertisements.

Crisher Entertainment (CE) specialize in: Artist/Project solicitation, Corporate/Online Representation, Album and Web Design, MySpace Design and Promotion, Photography, Artist Management, Agent Representation, Music instrument lessons and Dance Training. Clint Crisher and the CE team of trained Models, Actors, Singers, Dancers, Makeup Artists and Vocal Talent are in high demand for: Magazines, Editorials, Runway, Fashion Shows, Fittings, Promotional Events, Conventions, Hair Shows, Advertisements, Catalogues and more. . .

Clint Crisher


Clint Crisher’s career experience spans over twenty years. Specializing in Marketing, Communications, Promotions, Event Management, Project Development, Creative Direction, Hiring, Managing Sales and Marketing teams, Budgeting, Conceptualization, Design, Internet and Web Design Consulting, Layout and Launches for major company openings and recording artist.

Rose Heart

Senior Vice President

-The Business Affairs Department which takes care of label finances; bookkeeping and payroll.
-The Legal Department which handles all contractual issues and other legal responsibilities.
-The A&R (Artists and Repertoire) Department who locates and signs new talent.

Glen Peacock

Artists and Repertoire

Leads our Artists and Repertoire division of label and is responsible for talent scouting and overseeing the artistic development of artists.

Jeffrey Ross

Vice President

The Marketing & Publicity Team who is responsible for creating the overall marketing plan for every record we release as well as arranging feature stories and interviews as well as the broadcast opportunities for such coverage on radio stations and television.

Kenny Miruski

A & R Director (Eastern Division)

DJ/Producer, club and radio dj, Music Reporter for a number of Charting agencies. A & R Director for Crisher Entertainment for Eastern Division.